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Titles Ideas:
1. Meet the Editor Closing Wealth Gaps Through Financial Education – Pamela de la Fuente
2. Unlocking Financial Freedom Through Tax Knowledge – Pamela de la Fuente

Introducing Pamela de la Fuente – Finances, Tax Savvy, and Generational Wealth Advisor
Pamela de la Fuente is the assigning editor of NerdWallet’s taxes vertical. A highly experienced writer and editor with over two decades of expertise, Pamela joined NerdWallet after gaining knowledge in companies such as Hallmark Cards, Sprint Corp., and The Kansas City Star.

Pamela is widely considered to be a leader in the field of content diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. She brings a unique insight and expertise to her field of work, bringing conversational and accessible content on taxes to the public. Pamela was a presenter at the National Association of Black Journalists 2023 and has won the Kansas City Association of Black Journalists’ President’s Award twice over. Additionally, she is a founding co-chair of NerdWallet’s Nerds of Color employee resource group.

With an impressive resume, Pamela is firmly devoted to educating the public on finances and taxes, with a primary focus on closing the wealth gap for upcoming generations. She got into journalism to inspire change through her works and she certainly does this through NerdWallet. She aims to make a difference and aspires to influence people’s lives in a positive way – by giving knowledge on taxes and finances all wrapped up in an easy to understand style.

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