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(0:45) – Can High Dividend Paying Stocks Spice Up Your Investments?(6:20) – The Power of Compounding: The Impact On Your Portfolio(20:10) – Top Picks To Keep On Your Radar(34:25) – Episode Roundup: MMM, NWBI, X…….

  • (0:45) – Can High Dividend Paying Stocks Spice Up Your Investments?
  • (6:20) – The Power of Compounding: The Impact On Your Portfolio
  • (20:10) – Top Picks To Keep On Your Radar
  • (34:25) – Episode Roundup: MMM, NWBI, XRX, EPD, TFSL, PFE
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Welcome to Episode #329 of the Zacks Market Edge Podcast.

Every week, host and Zacks stock strategist, Tracey Ryniec, will be joined by guests to discuss the hottest investing topics in stocks, bonds and ETFs and how it impacts your life.

This week, Tracey went solo to discuss how to have fun in investing. Yes, fun.

In 2021, the memesters and cryptocurrency investors seemed to be having fun. But in 2022, with stocks falling most of the year, it hasn’t seemed very fun.

But what if there was a group of investors who was managing to have fun by buying stocks that paid them for their patience?

The DivTwit Community

On Twitter, there is a subgroup of finance Twitter that is all about dividends. They call themselves DivTwit and you can find them at hashtag dividend or hashtag DivTwit.

Their tweets are uplifting and fun as they post “updates” about where they stand on their monthly, or yearly, income. Some will post things like, “It took five years but I’m finally at $1000 a year.” That means that investor is getting $1000 a year in dividend payouts.

That’s a nice haul every year. No wonder the dividend investors are happy.

And in 2022, many stocks are yielding big dividend numbers, over 4%, and still have solid fundamentals.

Lots of Top Dividend Stocks has several dividend screens that combine the Zacks Rank with those with top yields.

One of the screens looks for yields over 5% and the company has to have a history of growth. That screen returned 29 stocks.

A second screen looks for stocks with dividends over 8%, which is sky-high. Yet, 60 stocks come back from the screen with the high yields.

There are plenty of companies paying dividends right now, many of them juicy.

5 Stocks That Pay Big Dividends in 2022

1.       3M, Inc. (MMM Free Report)

3M is a favorite of the DivTwit community because it has paid its dividend, without interruption, for 100 years. That’s an impressive track record.

3M also has a big yield, which is currently at 4.8%. An investor with 100 shares would see a …….


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