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How to Beat the Market: Investing in the SFL Corporation (NYSE: SFL)

If you are dreaming of outperforming the market with your investment portfolio, you must consider investing in the SFL Corporation Ltd. (NYSE: SFL). With a 72% return in the last three years, the share price of SFL has clearly outperformed the market return of 11% (not including dividends). Though the share price has been increasing more modestly over the last year (up 40% including dividends), the total shareholder return of SFL is still an impressive 123%. In this article, we discuss the key factors that have contributed to this impressive performance and the 3 potential warning signs to keep in mind.

Unlock Your Investment Potential: Understand the Strength of the SFL Corporation

If you are keen on entering the stock market, understanding the fundamentals of a company is key to your success. Many investors are skeptics of the efficient markets hypothesis. By examining how a company’s share price and earnings per share (EPS) interact, you can gain insight into how sentiment has changed over time. SFL’s EPS has grown steadily over the past three years, which likely helped drive up the share price. Keep reading this article to explore the total shareholder return of SFL, the dividends it has paid and the potential warning signs that investors need to be aware of.

Discover Insider Investment Strategies: Investing in the Rising SFL Corporation

Do you want to join the successful investors and maximize your own share price returns? Take a deep dive into the SFL Corporation Ltd. (NYSE: SFL) and understand what factors have driven the impressive 123% total shareholder return in the last three years. In this article, we discuss the company’s EPS, share price and dividends in more detail and provide a list of potential warning signs that investors need to be aware of.

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