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Achieving a Positive Return with Zillow Group: An Overview
It’s no secret that any investor who is buying and holding a stock for the long term desires to achieve a positive return. However, when it comes to Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZG), it has fallen short of that goal, providing a five-year return of 78%, which is lower than the market average. But, on a brighter note, those investors who have jumped in more recently can be content with 73% price gain in the last 12 months.

A Closer Look at Zillow Group’s Fundamentals
Before we draw any positive or negative conclusions concerning the performance of Zillow Group, let’s dive a bit deeper into their fundamentals by examining their revenue growth. Investors of unprofitable companies usually expect strong revenue growth, as it is believed it can easily lead to considerable profit in the near future.

Do these Expectations Reflected in Zillow Group Data?
To get a better understanding of Zillow Group’s performance, let’s review the company’s revenue growth in the last five years. It appears Zillow Group has seen a steady decline in annual revenue of 0.3%. In spite of this, their stock still managed a 12% yearly growth, which is still somewhat respectable. It might be wise to keep an eye out to see if Zillow Group can reverse the bearish trends in upcoming periods.

Analysts’ Forecasts & Insiders’ Opinions
Being a well-known stock, Zillow Group has attracted a fair bit of coverage from financial analysts and investors. Because of this, we can easily view how analysts estimate the future profitability of the company and how are insiders viewing the stock. Analysts’ forecasts are represented in an interactive graph, while insider purchases can be seen in the form of an easy to read list for additional insight.

Final Conclusion
Having said all of that, Zillow Group’s total shareholder return of 73% in the last 12 months can be considered a good result. Its mark is above the five-year TSR of 12% yearly. This might suggest that the company’s performance has seen a recent surge in progress. However, it’s also important to bear in mind that there could be some red flags in the company’s fundamentals. To make sure, read our article discussing one possible warning sign of Zillow Group that you should be aware of. And if you’re searching for new opportunities, check out this free list of growing companies with insider buying.

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