Investing Expert Traces ‘Astonishing Strength’ in Chinese Sectors – CNBC


Heading: Investing Strategist Sees Potential for China’s Economy in the New Decade

China’s economy has been sluggish and facing property troubles, causing many investors to become bearish. Despite this, Kingsley Jones, the founder and chief investment officer of Jevons Global, sees great promise in areas of the Chinese market. When interviewed by CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” Jones declared that there is still strength to be found in the Chinese economy.

The Reason Behind the Chinese Bearishness

Although the government attempted to reverse the issue of negative population growth by abolishing the one-child policy in 2016, the birth rates haven’t increased. As a result, both Chinese and international strategists are pessimistic about the Chinese economy. Jones, however, disagrees with their perspective. He believes the Chinese market still has great potential.

Uncovering China’s Astonishing Strength

When discussing the sectors of the Chinese market with the most promise, Jones pointed to the electric vehicle and new energy sectors. Jones is especially fond of the publicly traded Chinese electric vehicle giant, BYD. With advances such as integrating smartphone technology into its operating system, BYD is becoming extremely visible. This company has had great success in 2023. In fact, it was able to produce over three million energy vehicles despite facing a competitive market against Tesla who has yet to release its full-year figures.

Top Stock Picks

Jones’ top picks include Zijin Mining Group, a Chinese mining company leading copper production worldwide; Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone company; CATL, an electric vehicle batteries producer; and Sunresin New Materials, a chemical company. Despite the downturn of the economy, Johnson sees potential in investing in these and other Chinese stocks.


In conclusion, the Chinese market remains bearish among many investors, global strategists, and even citizens. However, Kingsley Jones, the founder and chief investment officer of Jevons Global, sees potential in the Chinese electric vehicle and new energy sectors as well as individual stocks. Although there has been a population crisis, China’s economic strength has the potential to outshine other markets in the new decade.

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