“Growing Fear of China’s ‘Debt Trap’ in Sri Lanka as Beijing Continues Investing”


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Strategies for Reforming Sri Lanka’s Sovereign Debt and Protecting Against Chinese Leverage
Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka has been among Asia’s worst-affected economies, suffering from a record-high level of debt and the threat of Chinese leverage. In May 2022, the island nation became the first lower-middle-income Asian country in two decades to default on its sovereign debt.

A Multibillion-Dollar Chinese Oil Project: Exploring the Impact on Sri Lanka’s Recovery
Amidst the pandemic-induced economic crisis, Sri Lanka acquired massive investment from China, including a multibillion-dollar oil project. This has left many people questioning how much leverage China has acquired over the island nation. Chinese funds have enabled projects such as highways, airports, and an overall development plan.

Debt Relief: Reforming Sri Lanka’s Sovereign Debt and Minimizing Chinese Leverage
For Sri Lanka to break free of the economic crisis, it is essential to create a debt relief strategy. This would include restructuring the country’s sovereign debt and exploring new sources of income. To minimize Chinese leverage, Sri Lanka has looked to its friends for support, such as the agreement made with the US last month for a $480 million loan.

Conclusion: Discovering Developments to Help Sri Lanka Bounce Back
It is clear that reform and restructuring of Sri Lanka’s sovereign debt is necessary for the country to recover from its worst economic crisis in decades. Looking ahead, initiatives from both the government and its allies will be imperative to break free of the dependence on Chinese leverage and to revive Sri Lanka’s economy.

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